Writing Goals

I know that my blog posts have been sporadic these days. With the wind up at school and my increased case load at work, it left little time for other things.

Well, now I’m on summer vacation. Which, for me, means precious quality time with my kids at the pool and at the lake. By the time their in bed, it’s dishes, laundry, etc. But after that – it’s writing time (and well, because of that, I’ll be honest the laundry isn’t always done, nor the house the tidiest).

My vacation
My summer vacation – that place from which I am writing (sort of)

I have a goal. To finish my first draft by the end of the summer. On average, I’ve been accomplishing about 500 words per night. Now, a typical novel is over 80, 000 words. At that rate, I’ll have my first draft done in 160 days or approximately 4 months. Currently, I’m at Chapter 4 on my WIP – around 7,500 words. So, we’ll say 72,000 to go. I’m 10% of the way there. At this rate, my goal may seem unobtainable. But my husband will be coming to join us next week — I’m hoping that will mean I’ll be able to have some more time to myself during the day when I’m not so tired and drained and be able to produce more quality and quantity in my writing (are you taking the not so subtle internet hint dear?)

So, wish me luck. I may post some teasers over the summer – but I’ll definitely keep you posted on my writing progress. I’m really excited about the premise for this story and can’t wait to share it!

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